Monday, May 18, 2009

How can BJP fight the gandhi magic

Elections are over and results are all known. BJP has lost!!
While reasons are being deliberated and argued across India ( well almost!) on the debacle, there are other corollaries that have come up.
1. Rahul Gandhi is being seen as a big force, especially with the magic in UP.
2. Media is certainly another adversary which is blowing the rahul magic like anything. Even if, point 1 is not true, people will certainly believe it to be true (remember the Hitler saying)

The stories have been going around for a while that year 2014 will be Modi vs Rahul Gandhi. And it is anybody's guess who will be the winner. BJP supporters are already whining, why Modi was not projected as the PM this time. It's a lost chance already. So we are back to the old question, has BJP got any chance against the mighty Gandhi (did I say mighty Rahul )? If yes, which is the way
Now I will try to answer this question in my own apprentice's way:
1) BJP to do a survey to find out in all places it is present, what is the vote Rahul vs Modi. It has already the machinery which does constituency wise survey. This might take about an year, but it is worth it. The survey should also get the reason Rahul is perceived better than Modi.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


"There is in Hinduism room enough for Jesus, as there is for Mohammed, Zoroster and Moses:" and
"majority of the Muslims of India are converts to that faith from Hinduism through force of circumstances। They are still Hindu in many essential ways and, in a free, prosperous, progressive India, they would find it the most natural thing in the world to revert to their ancient faith and ways of life।"

महात्मा गाँधी