Saturday, December 29, 2012

NaMo - The Commodity

   Going through the news on Google for the last few days, it came to me that Narendra Modi is probably the highest selling commodity right now. Well, I mean Narendra Modi, the name.
With the amount of response the name generates, not only are tens of blogs and news articles, both positive and negative written about him everyday. In fact, he might soon or even already be the most talked about person in India.
   Browse through the news and there are all kinds. Sample this

  1. Narendra Modi likely to reach Delhi for NDC meet
  2. Will fulfill any responsibility given to me by party: Narendra Modi
  3. Narendra Modi keeps away from Nitish Kumar at NDC

   And one of the news, which apparently has been taken down (or headline changed) since stated: Commercial sex worker gang raped in Narendra Modi's Gujarat. 
(an equivalent news is linked here ) The news contained nothing about NaMo, it does not even mention him in the news.
   I am sure you would have seen similar news before on web/ TV/print. The point is anything associated with Narendra Modi raises eyes and ears. In commercial TV terms it is good for TRP. 
   Newspapers and news channels have realized this for quite sometime now and ensure that anything and everything even remotely related with Narendra Modi shall be captured and published. After all, people esp. netizens want to know more and more about NaMo. And this helps increase the number of hits the website and webpage gets and ultimately drives up the advertisement revenue. 
   Even if it means, only saying he shook hand with someone or chose not to, he reached a party office or is just expected to reach some event. Never mind news where he has no role, it is just an incident that happened somewhere in Gujarat.