Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A letter to Narendra Modi from an angry supporter

Modi ji, good evening. I will start with the confession that I am your die hard fan and have been following you since 2007.
So, it's a night of introspection, night of feedback, night of advices! 
Rings any bell? "Kaala dhan Kaali raat Kaala karnama (black money, black night, black deeds)", You had said in an election rally. You also said, "Our country can forgive mistakes, but not betrayal". You really know the people and know how they behave and vote. They forgave Arvind Kejriwal's mistakes. But if you continue to lie and fool people, you may not be forgiven.
   Todays Chanakya which predicted your resounding victory in general election 2014 did a social survey in Delhi on election eve. It tells us quite a few things. One, Brahmin, Baniya, Punjabi, BJP's traditional vote bank preferred AAP to BJP. Two, SC, OBC and Muslims voted in huge numbers for AAP. Even among age groups, you were given a complete thumbs down. All in all, there was not a single class who preferred BJP to AAP. NOT ONE!
   I have to say, this was one of the worst campaigned elections by BJP. Either there was no campaign-in-charge or there were too many. Negativity, conspiracy, mud-slinging and what not! You had seen all this in 2007 and 2014, but you stayed clear of them and were rewarded handsomely. What went wrong this time, sir? Are you getting surrounded by a coterie of advisers, something we hear Sonia Gandhi had the luxury of. Have you started enjoying the luxuries of Congress? If that is so, people won't give you 10 years that you have asked and are planning for. 
   I am sure you already know. But to get any chance, not only would you need to increase your focus on public good (I do not doubt, you are already doing it), but also you would need to stay clear of mud-slinging, unnecessary nose poking in other party matters. For e.g. what is happening in Bihar and Jharkhand wont be seen favourably by public. Not only do people see through your lies, they also are disgusted at such cheap tactics.
   If this election is not an eye opener, none would be.