Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Sonia resigned...

"The MLAs, who offered to resign, were on a relay hunger strike. But the other Congressmen did not appreciate the concept of relay hunger strike. 'We do not believe in the relay thing. We are on a continuous indefinite strike,' said former Andhra PCC president V Hanumanta Rao..."
"Even as eager hands reached out for the kulfis sold by a vendor, a sharp reprimand was hurled through the sultry air: 'Don't eat in front of reporters.'
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Gandhiji, if you became a Catholic, you would be as great as St. Francis.

On January 2nd, 1937 a Professor of Philosophy from Poland, Krzenski came to see Gandhiji. Krzanski told Gandhiji that Catholicism was the only true religion. Go on to read the wonderful conversation..

Anjaana (Sher -o- Shayari)

बादशाहों की मुअत्तर ख्वाबगाहों में कहाँ
वह मज़ा जो भीगी-भीगी घास पर सोने में है,
मुत्मईन बेफिक्र लोगों की हँसी में भी कहाँ
लुत्फ़ जो एक दूसरे को देख कर रोने में है!

मकतबे इश्क में इक ढंग निराला देखा
उसको छुट्टी न मिली जिसको याद हुआ!

कौन ये ले रहा है अंगडाई
आसमानो को भी नींद आती है